U-Trough Free Flow Unloading System

Bin installed


Springland U-trough unload systems set the standard in high capacity, high quality unloading equipment.

Ease of installation, top quality materials, and proven design are just a few reasons our satisfied customers have chosen Springland U-trough systems over the competition for the past 35 years.




Electric Powerhead

Motor mount with over-center belt tensioner. Belt guard swings out for easy access to belts.
Motor, pulleys, and belts not included.

Feature: electric powerhead

Hydraulic Powerhead

When electric power is not available.
Suitable for bins up to and including 48 ft diameter.

Feature: hydraulic powerhead

Elevator Wheel

Provides aggressive sweep action, even in severe conditions.

Feature: elevator wheel

Floor Flanges

Redesigned with sloping inlets increasing intake area. Center discharge gate is enlarged and agitator pins have been added to allow dislodging of clumps should they occur.

Feature: floor flanges

Center Gearbox

Mounting brackets are sloped to allow free flow of product into the flighting.

Feature: gearbox

Rack & Pinion Gate Controls

Independently open center and intermediate gates. Over-center handle to operate sweep engagement.

Feature: gate controls and shifter


25° Incline Elbow

Elevates the discharge. Either electric or hydraulic powerhead can be attached to the incline elbow.

Option: incline elbow

Grain Flow Maintainer (GFM)

Prevents clumps from blocking the center sump, helping to provide continuous grain flow.

Option: Grain Flow Maintainer

U-trough Extensions

If the standard discharge location is too close to the bin wall to suit your application, we offer extensions, starting at 6” up to 120”, in 6” increments.

Option: Powerhead Extension

Available Sizes

Our Unloaders fit typical bins ranging from 18 to 78 feet in diameter.

UT overall dimensions table


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