6025 Commercial Hydraulic Sweep

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For customers who want the robustness of the Springland Commercial Sweep but are retrofitting an existing bin or cannot provide the large concrete knock-out required for the 6025 Electric, we recommend the 6025 Hydraulic Surface Mount.

For customers who can accommodate a recessed drive, we recommend the 6025 Hydraulic Flush Mount.




Auger Diameter Capacity* (bushels/hour wheat) Capacity* (MT/hour wheat)
10” 4,500 120
12” 6,000 160
16” 10,000 270


*Capacities may vary depending on grain type and condition



Positive Drive System (PDS)

A significant amount of force is required to push a sweep through grain. The Springland Commercial Sweep uses the hydraulically driven Positive Drive System (PDS) to advance the sweep. A solid pinion wheel meshes with punched 38” angle track to provide excellent traction.

Feature: Positive Drive System

Articulating Frame Joint

For bins 105’ in diameter and larger, an articulated joint is placed between a pair of frames to compensate for uneven floors.

Feature: Pivot

Spring Wheels

The sweep is supported along its length by robust wheels featuring angle adjustment and integrated hard stops. Under the load of a full bin, internal springs allow the sweep to descend to rest on the hard stops.

Feature: Spring Wheel

Hydraulic Power Unit

Power for the flighting and PDS is provided by a power unit separate from the sweep.

Power Unit Features

  • Selector control panel allows up to five sweeps to be connected to one power unit, with one sweep operating at a time.
  • The automatic advance manifold means that the PDS pushes the sweep into the grain as load on the flighting decreases, without operator intervention.
  • Oil tank heater
  • Oil cooler
  • High heat shut-down
  • Low oil shut-down

Feature: Power Unit


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